Hear audio clips from the premiere of Letter From Italy, 1944:

Part I

2. Size

“I want to hold them”

3. I Know a Land

“The Oriole”
“I know a land” (chorus)

4. Bittersweet

“I can bear”
Part II

6. Away

“Your fingers weave”

7. Kiska Prayer


8. End the Williwaw

Give our voice

9. If Loneliness Were a Color

“If being one”
“Has not the warmth”

10. Riva Ridge

“The summit’s bitter cold”
“My boys lie dead”

12. When Johnny Comes
Marching Home

“The old church bell”
“Get ready for the jubilee”
“Let love and friendship”
Part III

14. An Embarrassment
of Riches

“My gullible body”

17. The Mystery

“But at its heart”
Part IV

18. A Solitude of Three

“One day he leaves”

19. In Bed


20. Boots

“and John’s the only man”
“weeping somewhere near”

21. Cold Comfort

“The children trail into
“But Billy”
“Memory of soldier love”
Part V

22. In the End He Can
Do No More

“In the end”

23. Dream in the
Last Third of Night

“When day comes deep”

24. Finale (reprise)

“O, the sweetie man”